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June M. Marshall at Marshall Conflict Resolution (MCR) provides legal representation for Maryland clients involved in Family Law (divorce, child custody, visitation and property division) and Labor and Employment Law (including Federal employment law) disputes.  MCR's mission is to advocate clients' legal interests as well as guiding them through the legal process to achieve the best possible outcome.  MCR also provides mediation and arbitration assistance in divorce matters (including alimony, preparing parenting plans and property division), labor relations, employment, and community disputes.    

Ms. Marshall is experienced in providing legal representation and mediation and arbitration assistance in family, workplace, and community disputes.  She is committed to resolving the parties’ disputes by providing clients a safe atmosphere with a balance of people-skills and honesty.  Any discussions between the attorney and the client that take place during the legal process are confidential.  

  • If you are looking for a lawyer experienced in arbitration and mediation, Family Law, and Labor and Employment matters to assist you with your legal concerns, contact June M. Marshall at

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